Electronic components distribution reinvention

Project Overview
  • Premier Farnell is a vertically integrated manufacturer & distributor of electronic components headquartered in the UK
  • $1 billion USD of online sales via ATG/5 million SKUs in a highly customized product catalog
  • 14 sites, supporting 30 different languages and 45 countries
  • ATG B2B sites responsible for 75% of all orders in EMEA and APAC. 50% in the Americas.
  • 30+ ATG CPU cores deployed across 3 continents
  • 3 million SEO-friendly product URLs with automated sitemap and feed to search engines
  • 2 million contracts
  • Endeca search engine integrated with ATG
  • Extensive B2B features such as online quotations
Services Performed by McFadyen (4 year partnership)
  • Support the existing site with additional enhancements to ATG & Endeca
  • Perform and evaluation of overall site design, catalog structure, and implementation
  • Performance tuning
  • Provide Application Development of new functionality using Agile “Scrum” 30 day increments
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