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Creating differentiated shopping experiences that delight

In a post-pandemic world, retailers need to evolve the digital buying experience to be even more connected and congruous with other channels. Customer buying patterns have shifted at a breakneck pace with online shopping gaining increased importance. US ecommerce grew 44% in 2020 with online representing over 21% of total retail sales for the year, according to Digital Commerce 360. Customers expect a broad selection available for ship-to-home, pick up in store, or curbside pickup and they expect that buying experience to be easy and fast from their mobile device. We can help you deliver that elevated connected experience.


How McFadyen Helps Retail Clients

Ecommerce and Marketplace Strategy

Digital commerce strategy for retail clients means understanding the market and anticipating the needs of the customer. The recent dramatic increase in online ordering for pick-up and delivery means that the opportunity for commerce innovation has never been greater. Increasingly personal shopping experiences and expanded selection will go a long way towards earning loyal customers.

Ecommerce and Marketplace Technology

Legacy ecommerce technology can be a barrier to innovation and retailers cannot afford to be limited in today's hyper-competitive landscape. The goal for a modern retail commerce architecture should consist of a stable, reliable, yet flexible commerce foundation where best-of-breed solutions can be implemented at every key position in the stack.

User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI)

Today's customers demand easy online shopping with the expectation that the mobile experience will be at least as good as that of the desktop variant. Our User Experience experts will create a conversion-optimized experience based on real customer journeys and our interface designers will make it a reality your customers will enjoy using, regardless of where or how they're shopping.

Digital Marketing

Retail marketing is a multi-dimensional discipline requiring coordination and consistency across digital and physical channels. Understanding the customer and seller (in the case of a marketplace) audiences are the key to effective messaging. Combine that knowledge with the right technology and our team of strategists and tacticians can help deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Ongoing Success and Innovation

Whether you’ve just built and launched a new ecommerce or marketplace site or are seeking to maximize and existing property, retailers should continually be evaluating and improving their commerce performance. Our success and innovation services represent an ongoing partnership where we provide strategic, technical, and tactical support to ensure that our clients are pulling the right levers to affect the desired outcomes.

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Complimentary Retail Commerce Assessment

The evolution of retail digital commerce strategies, tactics, and technologies is happening at an increasingly fast pace. With online ordering taking on even more importance to consumers in recent times, many organizations are struggling to keep up, let alone determine what's next. That's where we add the most value.

Complete the form to the right and qualifying organizations will receive a 90 minute digital commerce assessment with McFadyen Digital's retail commerce experts. We'll examine your current online shopping strategy and technology, creating actionable steps to take things to the next level. No risk. No commitment. Just answers.

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