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Circular Platforms
Multi-Client Study

Join the marketplace experts for a multi-client study identifying and exploring the critical dimensions of circular platforms and how they can support and enhance business objectives. This is an opportunity for your organization to participate in a collaborative research study to gain relevant and actionable strategic direction towards accomplishing sustainability and material security goals. This model represents a cost-effective way of funding in-depth and actionable research jointly with other enterprises interested in experience platforms and their application to circular sustainability principles.

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Circular Economy Multi-Client Study Guide Cover

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Is Your Company Ready to Go Full Circle?

Be among the first to participate in a multi-client study that explores how to leverage two mega trends, the Platform Economy and the Circular Economy, to close loops and create value for all. With the growing importance and profile of sustainable business practices, the focus now turns to questions of how organizations can make realistic strides towards becoming more circular in both their practices and the value they bring to the market.

This brochure for the Circular Platforms Multi-Client Study covers the motivations for going circular, how platforms fit into that puzzle, how a multi-client study works, and what deliverables and value will be gained from participation. Please fill out the brief form to download a PDF copy of the Circular Platforms Multi-Client Study brochure.


Why Participate in This Study?

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Go Full Circle

All sectors and players are touched by circularity and the platform revolution. Platform strategies are being adopted not only by digital natives but also by firms spanning just about every industry. This is a multi-client program designed for senior decision makers in any organization thinking seriously about circularity strategies with high ambitions or necessities. Leaders and specialist teams that need guidance and decision making support where to go with marketplaces for circularity.

Circular Partners

Benefit from the Multi-Client Approach

A multi-client study offers the opportunity for your organization to fund in-depth and actionable research on a topic of strategic importance jointly with other enterprises interested in experience platforms. You shape the focus and key questions covered by the study, while we conduct the data collection, undertake the analysis, and deliver the conclusions an implications. This approach provides an opportunity for you to gain strategic insights more quickly and at a much lower cost than if you undertook the study on your own.

Circular Platform Actionable Insights Icon

Gain Actionable Insights

This multi-client study will identify and explore the critical dimensions of circular platforms and how they can support and enhance your business objectives. Some specific insight areas will be where circular marketplaces are most likely to succeed, and under what conditions. How your organization can best leverage circular platforms to gain competitive advantage. How participation in circular platforms can build brand equity. As well as an exploration of the opportunities and pitfalls associated with circularity.

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Learn from Experienced Subject Matter Experts

This study will be lead by experts from McFadyen Digital with deep expertise in the areas of platform strategy, technology, and brand transformation. These core experts will be augmented with top industry thought-leaders and practitioners from some of the largest brands in existence. This presents a unique opportunity to learn-from and network-with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Who Should Participate in This Study?


Large organizations with wide portfolios of operations in multiple industries, countries, technologies and tight reporting requirements or high exposure to stakeholders – financial or NGO-interest groups.


Owners, Boards, Advisory Board members who are driven by strong values and multi-generation thinking. Committed to ESG responsibility.


Orchestrators and partners of ecosystems who want to ensure trust and transparency on circularity across different tiers. Software and tech companies seeking feature and product opportunities closing the loop.


Leaders of VCs, PE and Fonds or Family Offices driving impact investment strategies. Wanting to futureproof own investments supporting business practices that have a favorable impact on the natural environment.

Ready to Sign Up for the Multi-Client Study?

Request an Enrollment Meeting

If you're ready to discuss participation in this multi-client study launching July 20th, 2023, please fill out the brief form to the right to schedule an enrollment meeting. Within 24 business hours one of our team members will reach out to schedule the meeting. Please feel free to suggest dates and times or convey any specific areas of interest regarding platform circularity in the comments box.

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