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Ecommerce & Marketplaces Newsletter – April 5, 2024

In this edition we cover a recent blog by Tom Gaydos, CMO of McFadyen Digital, where he provides an overview of McFadyen’s B2B coFE MACHcellerator that is designed for complex B2B use cases. Instacart’s PR announcing a recent partnership between themselves and Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc, enables more direct access to same-day delivery and AI powered smart carts to AWG member companies across 3,500 locations in 32 states. Informative topics such as these along with news items from Marketplace, Positive.News, Digital Commerce 360, Market Realist, Forbes and Retail Touchpoints are top of mind this week. #accelerator #MACH #onlinemarketplace #AI #Machinelearning #llms #ecommerce #digitalmarket #marketplace #aiinecommerce #marketplace #newsletter #digital #brands #retail

Notable news from the past week

The commercetools B2B MACHccellerator Puts Composable Commerce on the Fast Track

In this blog, Thomas Gaydos , CMO of McFadyen Digital dives into the just released B2B MACHcellerator with coFE Catalyst. Experience a faster way to commercetools with the first and only accelerator specifically designed for complex #B2B use cases while leveraging the power of commercetools Front End (coFE) and containing a native #marketplace connector for further expansion to a #multivendor model.


A TikTok ban would be bad news for beauty and fashion brands

The House of Representatives passed a bill on March 13 to ban TikTok unless its parent company, ByteDance, sells the app to an American company. That bill is awaiting action in the Senate. As TikTok awaits its fate, so do the brands that have come to rely on the app’s shareable short videos to advertise their products.


The online marketplace saving ‘wonky’ beauty products from landfill

Those behind Boop hope to do what the ‘wonky’ fruit and veg ethos has done for food waste by repurposing some of the 90m beauty products discarded each year in the UK alone. The beauty industry’s eye-watering waste problem is enough to make your mascara run – but a new online marketplace is tackling the issue head on by offering cosmetic seconds at bargain prices.

Instacart and Associated Wholesale Grocers Expand Access to E-Commerce Solutions and Introduce Smart Carts to Local Independent Grocers

Instacart (Nasdaq: CART), the leading grocery technology company in North America, and Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG), the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently owned supermarkets, announced an expanded partnership to offer e-commerce and same-day delivery solutions, including Caper Carts, Instacart’s AI-powered smart carts, to member retailers. With more than 800 AWG member retailer locations currently using Instacart, this extended collaboration simplifies access for an additional 2,300 member retailer locations to join Instacart’s technology suite.


Buybuy Baby Relaunch Navigates Familiar Terrain With New Digital Presence

Since Buybuy Baby relaunched in November 2023 under new ownership, the retailer’s focus has been on reestablishing its brand name, in part by growing its digital audience. Buybuy Baby currently operates 11 physical stores, all in the northeast region in the United States. Raina Khumush, director of marketing and digital at Buybuy Baby, told Digital Commerce 360 that the retailer is pleased with its performance thus far. She said it has proven that customer loyalty to the brand “is huge.” “The customer response has been really strong to both the digital side of the business and the store side of the business,” Khumush said. “We’re essentially doubling every month.” She did not attach a dollar amount to the growth.

How Retail Giants Like Walmart And Fanatics Are Championing ‘Shoppable Videos’ as Next Big Frontier

On the last day of programming at Shoptalk, leaders from Walmart and Fanatics talked about a game-changing marketing tactic ‘shoppable videos’. Leaders from the two retailers spoke about why shoppable videos are a priority to them and how platforms like TikTok are pioneering it. Walmart already has a partnership with TikTok in place for its various campaigns and it is venturing into TV content as well.


2024 Is The Year Of AI, But Data Will Steal The Show

Forbes Councils Member, Afif Khoury discusses how “as we settle into the promising realm of 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to deliver even more groundbreaking transformations that will redefine how businesses operate, innovate and leverage information. Already, we’re witnessing AI-driven advancements in predictive analytics that enhance decision-making processes and AI integration in customer service with sophisticated chatbots, providing seamless user experiences. These innovations are just the beginning of a broader trend where AI is not only automating tasks but also offering deeper insights and more personalized interactions.”

How Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeit Unit Keeps Fake Products off its Site

Last year, Amazon identified, seized and disposed of 7 million counterfeit products worldwide. That’s certainly impressive, but what’s perhaps even more impressive is the number of would-be counterfeiters that are stopped before they even have a chance to sell fake items. In this recent article by Retail TouchPoints, they dig into how Amazon is using Machine Learning and LLMS to detect infringements along with attacking the misconceptions around counterfeiting.

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