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Marketplace Strategy

Winning strategies to dominate the platform revolution

Setting the right marketplace strategy can be the difference between a scalable industry game-changer and a struggling commerce ecosystem. With more than 50% of global ecommerce sales occurring on marketplaces, the platform approach to digital commerce is the clear next step to building a lasting, scalable revenue stream. Modern enterprises require a coherent transformational strategy to take advantage of this proven model, ensuring that business, operational, and technological considerations are all aligned. That's where we add the most value.

McFadyen Digital's Strategic Advisory practice offers a range of unique marketplace strategy services to support client needs, drawing on deep and diverse expertise to provide innovative solutions for businesses looking to expand their digital operations.

Marketplace Strategy Development for Site Operators

Strategy Assessment

Review of existing processes, practices, and technologies based on interviews with key stakeholders and a review of current systems.

Peer Benchmarking

Identification of best practices, investment levels, technologies, and metrics based on interviews with top commerce executives.

Gap Analysis

Compare existing practices against benchmarks to determine areas of strength, areas of opportunity, and policy priorities.

ROI Justification

Outline of quantitative and qualitative areas of ROI based on recommended improvements and technology investments.

Prioritized Roadmap

A roadmap for process and infrastructure improvement with key milestones, risks, timelines, and implementation priorities.

Performance Management

Identification of meaningful KPI’s that will track key goals in order to drive continual improvements using a data-driven approach.

Value Realization for Marketplace Operators

Marketplace Maturity Assessment & Roadmap

A Maturity Model-based assessment and gap analysis of a commerce or marketplace initiative. Mapping of the execution of any necessary action items to address mapped gaps for operations, business, advisory & technology areas.

Business Case Mapping & Delivery

Processing of reports, extracting scenarios of improvement and consolidating gap analysis into a business case for change and targeting of goals based on benchmarks and overall business goals.

Marketplace Performance Management

Modeling, integration and knowledge transfer on usage of marketplace dashboards that will provide the marketplace staff with actionable information that facilitates achievement of business goals.

Digital Marketing Evaluation & Strategy

Evaluation of current demand generation strategy, SEO, channels and overall analytics and marketing automation ecosystem for diagnostics of possible gaps, and planning around investment for improvements and expected impacts.

Marketplace Operational Services & Enablement

Tactical and operational team augmentation, filling specialized marketplace-specific roles, with knowledge transfer to internal resources for preparation of future state organizational design.


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Complimentary Marketplace Strategy Assessment

The evolution of digital commerce strategies, tactics, and technologies is happening at an increasingly fast pace. With online ordering taking on even more importance to buyers in recent times, many organizations are struggling to keep up, let alone determine what's next. That's where we add the most value.

Complete the form to the right and qualifying organizations will receive a 90 minute digital commerce assessment with McFadyen Digital's experts. We'll examine your current online shopping strategy and technology, creating actionable steps to take things to the next level. No risk. No commitment. Just answers.

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