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The AB-Inbev MiMercado Marketplace

Z-Tech, part of AB InBev, innovates food services distribution in emerging markets with a mobile-first marketplace.


BackgroundMiMercado Marketplace Screen Shots

Z-Tech, part of AB InBev, saw an opportunity to provide a single location for market operators in Mexico and other emerging markets to purchase their food and beverage stock. They sought both a partner and a technology stack to turn that concept into a reality.


McFadyen was engaged to first develop a traditional ecommerce site based on Magento Commerce to offer AB InBev’s own products, then layer in the Mirakl Marketplace platform to on-board third-party sellers, rapidly scaling up both product category offerings and product offerings. The MiMercado customers access this endless aisle of selection from a Vue Storefront Progressive Web application front-end with Akeneo is being used to manage the product information.

The result is MiMercado.com, a mobile-first marketplace providing market owners with a one-stop-shop for their stock needs. Initial adoption was enthusiastic and has steadily increased since the marketplace functionality was introduced.

Learn more at mimercado.com.

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