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The Platform Disco Podcast

Discover the strategy, technology, and humans behind modern transactional ecosystems. 

Join us on a journey of discovery with industry leaders at the forefront of platform business models used for commerce, circularity, procurement, and more. We delve into the critical aspects of strategy, technology, and organizations that drive success in today’s transactional ecosystems. Gain firsthand insights into the challenges and triumphs experienced by top executives, providing you with the knowledge and inspiration to effectively design, build, and expand your marketplace initiatives.  

Platform Disco has episodes in English and German with new releases dropping 7 AM CEST every Wednesday. To learn more, explore the individual episode listings below.

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30 Millionen Kunden - Das Multi-Partner-Ökosystem von PAYBACK

Stefan erklärt, dass seine Abteilung sich darauf konzentriert, wie PAYBACK-Software bei Partnern integriert wird und wie Third-Party-Software genutzt werden kann, um das Geschäft von PAYBACK zu skalieren. Die organisatorische Einbettung erfolgt im Bereich Digital Sales, der sich stark auf E-Commerce konzentriert.

Meet the Hosts

Alex Pesjak

Alex is a seasoned platform professional who is passionate about creating value in ecosystems and platforms. With a deep understanding of strategy, transformation, and innovation, he is driven by the vision of a thriving Ecosystem Economy across Europe and beyond. Pesjak specializes in aligning purpose, ambition, and circularity to create strategic frameworks that drive success. He is skilled in transforming legacy businesses while simultaneously leading ecosystems through agile and dual operating models.

Alex has a 20 year Brand and Innovation Background in Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods while working as a consultant for the last 12 years in the fields above. With a passion for creating value for all stakeholders, he is dedicated to driving the transformation to networked business models and organizations. Alex currently serves as McFadyen Digital’s VP, EMEA as a leader in their Strategic Advisory practice.

David Detjen

David is a digital professional with over 15 years in e-commerce as well as on the operator and partner sides of the equation in a variety of roles. This experience, both operating a platform in the form of an online marketplace, and serving in more of a consultative role, provides David with a unique perspective, able to “walk in the shoes” of far more than most while providing solutions.

Prior to joining McFadyen Digital, David honed his skills at the likes of Siemens, Arvatis, Mindcurv (Accenture Song), and Eccelerate, helping clients to transform their digital commerce capabilities. With McFadyen Digital, David continues this work leveraging the advantages of composable MACH approach to technology while utilizing the latest platform business models to provide scalable growth to his clients.

Peter Evans

Before becoming the Chief Strategy Officer at McFadyen Digital, Peter Evans was a Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute, a consultancy dedicated to management strategy and application of platform business models across a wide range of sectors. Dr. Evans has over 20 years of experience leading teams in identifying, framing, assessing, and communicating high-priority marketplace trends and disruptions that support business planning and investment prioritization.

Peter received his master’s degree and Ph.D. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an International Academy of Management Fellow. He is also the co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit and the Founder of MusicTech Connect in Atlanta.

Episode Library

Episode 10

Vom Schweizer Taschenmesser zum digitalen Marktplatz

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Benjamin Appensade

Language: German

Length: 1 hour and 7 minutes

Episode 9

Deutsche Telekom's Commitment to Climate Neutrality by 2040

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Melanie Kubin-Hardewig

Language: English

Length: 1 hour and 21 minutes

Episode 8

Enabling Partnerships: Siemens' Approach to Marketplace Dynamics

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Linda Krumbholz

Language: English

Length: 38 minutes

Episode 7

Insuring The Digital Future With HDI Global

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Ulf Koenig

Language: English

Length: 1 hour and 11 minutes

Episode 6

How SAP tackles the challenges of scaling the circular economy

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, Peter Evans, Stephan Fester

Language: English

Length: 56 minutes

Episode 5

So wird der Frankfurter Flughafen zum digitalen Marktplatz

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Claus Grunow

Language: German

Length: 1 hour and 12 minutes

Episode 4

Von der Idee zum Marktplatz: Digitale Transformation bei der Schäfer Shop Group

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, Peter Evans, Joachim Bach

Language: German

Length: 53 minutes

Episode 3

Why Europe is far behind in platform creation

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, Peter Evans

Language: English

Length: 23 minutes

Episode 2

The “Android of Automation” - How Bosch Rexroth is Building a Partner Ecosystem

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen, Hans-Michael Krause

Topics include: Automation, Partner Management, B2B

Language: English

Length: 65 minutes

Episode 1

Discover Strategie, Geschäftsmodelle, Tech und Menschen hinter Plattform Ökosystemen

Hosted by: Alex Pesjak, David Detjen

Language: German

Length: 28 minutes

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