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Louis Vuitton’s Global Commerce Vision with a Local Focus

Louis Vuitton offers luxury online buying experiences unique to global markets.


Louis Vuitton UAE Screen ShotsBackground

French fashion house and luxury goods company Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s premiere luxury brands. As such, conveying their top-tier in-store experience online is an ongoing priority. Furthermore, offering market-specific shopping experiences that takes into account local language, cultural considerations, and product availability is seen as a major component of global expansion and market penetration.



Louis Vuitton works with expert partners like McFadyen Digital to create brand-consistent online shopping experiences that delight their customers. Having rolled out six market-specific sites to-date in markets such as South Korea and China, this ongoing global ecommerce initiative builds upon the Oracle Commerce based global ecommerce platform that takes local considerations into account while providing best practices for more practical implications like solid search optimization and social sharing practices.

Working with the Louis Vuitton ecommerce team in Paris, the McFadyen team has served as a long time collaborator and innovation partner, consistently delivering these international shopping sites on-time and on-budget.

To learn more, visit louisvuitton.com.

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