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Ecommerce Technology

Modern platforms for a strong commerce foundation

Modern composable ecommerce architecture combines the power of legacy monoliths with the flexibility to have true best-of-breed components throughout the entire stack. An API-heavy, cloud-based, headless approach to ecommerce allows both targeted microservices and multi-function suites to function seamlessly as a contiguous platform. Such an architecture model can be customer tailored according to business objectives, but when carefully planned, provides a competitive advantage of quality and agility.


Technology Services for Ecommerce Operators

Architecture Review

Review of existing platforms, systems, integrations, and overall ecommerce technology configuration.

Vendor Analysis

Gathering your ecommerce requirements and comparing against available options to select the right fit.


Building your digital commerce platform to exacting industry standards using the selected platforms and architecture.


Migrating from legacy platforms to modern technologies while upgrading the user and operator experiences.

Performance Optimization

Evaluating the performance of your ecommerce site and tuning it for speed and efficiency.

Ecommerce Platform Partners

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How We Can Help You

Complimentary Digital Commerce Technology Assessment

The evolution of digital commerce strategies, tactics, and technologies is happening at an increasingly fast pace. With online ordering taking on even more importance to buyers in recent times, many organizations are struggling to keep up, let alone determine what's next. That's where we add the most value.

Complete the form to the right and qualifying organizations will receive a 90 minute digital commerce assessment with McFadyen Digital's experts. We'll examine your current online shopping strategy and technology, creating actionable steps to take things to the next level. No risk. No commitment. Just answers.

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