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Our teams are our most valuable assets, and we work hard to reward them with a work environment that offers chances for development. Because of this, we're totally devoted to creating a culture of continual learning; as a result, we provide chances for certifications and encourage staff to do so. Our learning platform, McFadyen Academy, provides employees with a foundation for knowledge development and equips them to do high-quality work.

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Basic skills in software development

100% Remote - PC or Laptop with Internet Connection

Advanced English Skills

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On what areas do we focus?

Learn Front-End Development

Based on our experience with scalable state-of-the-art shopping experiences, our training in front-end development floats around modern web technologies such as PWAs, APIs, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and its libraries.

Learn Back-End Development

To compose the variety of stacks in our client’s projects, our back-end training is concentrated around d the connections between marketplace and commerce platforms, attending to their range of third-party services, databases and integrations.

Learn UX/UI

Full-cycle user experience research and user interface development are major parts of involvement in projects. For the UX/UI department, our knowledge demands focus on o optimization, design thinking, aesthetic value, and accessibility.

Learn Quality Assurance

Our QA training brings critical testing concepts and technologies to ensure the integrity of our deliverables. From day-to-day code reviews to full rounds of automation, we make sure our employees possess the necessary tools and knowledge to assure quality.

Learn Magento

Besides a partner, Magento is one of the major technologies for building ecommerces. Its powerful technology is based on PHP and MySQL, which compose the training process to prepare our teams to high-level development environments.

Learn commercetools

Also a partner, commercetools’ platform brings to the table a versatile approach to creating digital commerce experiences. We base our training on its headless, API and cloud based architecture and how to properly connect its resources to the designated project requirements.

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