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Ecommerce & Marketplaces Newsletter – April 19 , 2024

In this edition we highlight a blog from Adobe on how an eCommerce team’s forward progress can be demonstrated in four key areas. Pete Elmgren, CRO at Rithum, writes an article in Chain Storeage on how with rising costs and ever-changing consumer demands that can constrain a retailer’s bottom line, focusing on profitable growth is key. These news items, blogs and other bulletins are covered by these notable sources as well as eMarketer, Marketplace Pulse, DigitalCommerce 360, Retail Touchpoints, NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) and PYMNTS. #ecommerce #brands #marketplace #seller #onlinemarketplace #retail #distributors #digitalcommerce #manufacturing #brands #taxlaws #newsletter

Notable news from the past week

4 Key Things Your eCommerce Team Should be Monitoring

Ecommerce is a team sport. On any talented team, forward progress is tracked by key performance indicators (KPIs). Data is key to analyzing the present and the potential — and making informed decisions. Read this article by Adobe to learn how an eCommerce team’s forward progress can be demonstrated in four key areas: Technical health, Performance monitoring, Business metrics plus User experience and loyalty.


5 key stats on TikTok Shop: Gen Z, off-price shopping, and fast fashion

Since its launch in September 2023, over 11% of US households have purchased items via TikTok Shop, according to data from a recent Earnest Analytics’ report, which analyzed credit card transaction data to learn more about TikTok Shop users. Read this article from eMarketer for five insights into TikTok Shop’s performance and what that means for brands.


Temu Sets Up U.S. Warehouses

Temu has set up U.S. warehouses for sellers on its growing marketplace to offer faster delivery. Thirty days ago, Temu launched a marketplace to increase the supply of goods with faster delivery. Previously, each order shipped from China, and despite using air freight and other optimizations, it typically took a week to reach the shopper. Temu’s new marketplace is for sellers with inventory already in the U.S. (or Europe, or elsewhere Temu operates). They can deliver goods significantly faster than a week.

How Emerging Tech Can Drive Profitable E-commerce Growth in 2024

With rising costs and ever-changing consumer demands that can constrain a retailer’s bottom line, focusing on profitable growth is key. Business leaders must remain pragmatic while investing in the right solutions and innovation to achieve results. In this article Pete Elmgren, CRO at Rithum, covers five ways emerging technologies can help retailers secure a competitive edge and fuel profitable growth through e-commerce.


How distributors are pressing hard in ecommerce to meet digital B2B buyer expectations

Following a yearslong stretch of supply chain and market disruption, distributors are sharpening their digital commerce growth strategies, adapting to new ecommerce demands in the manufacturing and distributing world. In doing so, they’re working to provide more value and a better customer experience choosy and careful buyers. That’s one of the chief digital takeaways from news and analysis in the newly published 2024 Ecommerce in Manufacturing and Distribution Report from Digital Commerce 360.

Why NPS Falls Short in Ecommerce, and the Case for Earned Growth Ratio as a Better Metric

While understanding customer satisfaction is crucial, traditional methods like Net Promoter Score (NPS) have limitations that can actually lead to the opposite of intended outcomes if not applied carefully. For a more reliable and actionable picture, businesses need metrics like Earned Growth Ratio (EGR). This goes beyond recommendations and captures actual customer behavior, such as repeat purchases and referrals, providing a more nuanced understanding of customer satisfaction.

States Adapt Tax Laws as Online Sales Surge

Revenue from tax on web retailers has been a boon to state budgets and government services. In 2021, 33 states reported $23 billion in remote sales tax revenue, enabling increased investments in education, infrastructure and other government services, thanks to the monumental case known as Wayfair v. South Dakota. After the decision, states swiftly acted to enforce tax collection on remote sales by defining an “economic nexus,” a state’s threshold for total revenue or number of transactions. A new report details the results of these tax laws.

Walmart Adds Third-Party Sellers’ Tires to Installation-Eligible Program

Walmart is now enabling customers to order eligible tires from third-party sellers on Walmart Marketplace and have them shipped to a local Walmart store for installation at one of its auto care centers. This initiative expands Walmart’s total installation-eligible tire assortment across stores and online by 12,000 unique items, including specialty tires, to provide nearly 40,000 marketplace offers for installation at 2,300 Walmart auto care centers around the country.

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