Digital Commerce

Evolving the Online Shopping Experience

Today’s online shoppers expect to have an Amazon-like user experience while making the journey from discovery, to research, to purchase. We help online retailers to sell smarter with the right balance of technology consulting, platform expertise, and business advisory services.



Mirakl Marketplace Implementation and Strategy

Mirakl Marketplaces are simply the fastest and most efficient way to add powerful marketplace functionality to any existing digital commerce platform. Marketplaces are a proven way to offer more selection to your customers, learn more about what they are seeking, and sell more products and services resulting in higher average order value and more loyal customers. Our Mirakl Marketplace Accelerator Program ensures fast time-to-market while lowering the risk and maximizing your chances for marketplace success. As Mirakl’s reigning System Implementation Partner of the Year, we’re confident that we can help make your marketplace a success!

Online Marketplaces for Magento

The 4M program means that Magento + McFadyen + Mirakl = Marketplaces. Magento has teamed up with McFadyen Digital and Mirakl to enable site operators to quickly and easily add cloud-based online marketplace functionality to new or existing properties via a comprehensive go-live accelerator program. Offer more product and category selection, learn more about what your customers are seeking, and sell more overall products and services.

Online Marketplaces for ShopifyPlus

An increasing number of large Ecommerce merchants are choosing ShopifyPlus for it’s simplicity and low cost in offering an excellent user experience. Using a pre-built Mirakl + ShopifyPlus connector and our established marketplace accelerator program, McFadyen Digital can help you create a truly unique online marketplace experience. Live in as little as 3-4 months, you can be offering your customers a wider selection without a lengthy or comparatively costly project.

Online Marketplaces for SAP Commerce (Hybris)

SAP is now offering the SAP Commerce Marketplace Management by Mirakl solution, enabling SAP Commerce (Hybris) site operators to quickly and easily take advantage of the online marketplace model using their existing infrastructure. Mirakl’s cloud-based platform is purpose-built for the kind of enterprises that run SAP and McFadyen’s Mirakl Accelerator program mean you can be live faster than ever and for far less than you’d expect.




Magento Commerce Implementation and Strategy

Magento Commerce is one of the most often deployed Ecommerce platforms in the world, and with good reason. Options ranging from a basic open-source implementation to a full-blown Enterprise digital commerce stack means there is a Magento fit for every business. At McFadyen Digital, we focus on implementing new instances of Magento Commerce Cloud and migrating Magento 1 site operators to the new Magento Commerce 2 (Commerce Cloud) platform. As a Magento Enterprise partner, we can help you implement or migrate to the latest Magento Commerce Cloud version.

Oracle Commerce Cloud Implementation and Strategy

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is the first and only true enterprise-class cloud ecommerce platform on the market. McFadyen’s OCC Accelerator program ensures that your site is up on-time, on-budget, and provides the modern user experience your customers expect. Whether starting a new site, re-platforming to the cloud, or tuning up an existing instance, we have the experience and technical ability to ensure your project is done the right way.

Oracle Commerce/ATG Consulting and Strategy

Oracle Commerce/ATG (ATG) is the powerful commerce engine that McFadyen build our brand success upon. In our 20+ years of helping our customers build some of the top ecommerce sites in the world with ATG, we know the platform inside-and out. If you’re looking for functionality updates, 11.3 upgrades, integrations, tune-ups, or even looking to re-platform to the cloud, you’ve found your partner.


McFadyen Digital is one of the world’s premier digital commerce service companies and has completed over 200 large scale commerce implementations worldwide. Our expertise with leading commerce frameworks coupled with dedicated eCommerce enthusiasts have resulted in the implementation of some of the biggest eCommerce projects ever. The McFadyen brand guarantee clients with:

  • Smarter sales frameworks
  • The best e-business technology
  • Lasting support relations
  • Improved market competence

McFadyen’s goal is to ensure that our clients are able to maximize the return on their technology and digital marketing investment by providing better service to their clients, partners and internal teams. McFadyen Digital can help you develop strategies and the technical support necessary to transform your business to the next level.

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