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Ecommerce & Marketplaces Newsletter September 3rd 2021

Ecommerce & Marketplaces Newsletter – Sep 3rd, 2021

Marketplaces were the focus for the past week with B2B marketplaces in particular taking center stage. Businesses are learning how to maximize the value of platforming with a marketplace, a trend that should continue for many years to come. In retail marketplace news, we see Amazon reacting to a tsunami of customer complaints about the quality of goods and extensive delivery times when ordering from sellers based in China by banning them from the platform. This will surely lead to more direct-to-consumer sales channels coming from sellers based in China.

In other news, we have VTEX talking about 5 technology trends in luxury ecommerce, TiKTok launching a new creator marketplace API, and Mirakl discussing four essential strategies for a successful online grocery marketplace. Read about these stories and more in this week’s edition.

Notable news from the past week

B2B Marketplaces Are Taking Over. And There Are Many Ways to Engage With Them and Win

How you engage with marketplaces, and whether you should own one, are critical strategic questions. Alex Moazed and Nicholas L. Johnson of Applico Inc. offer advice on how to find the answers.

Amazon Blocks Top Chinese Sellers, Forcing Industry to Seek New Pathways

The move to block Chinese sellers by US-based e-commerce giant Amazon may speed up the pace for the Chinese companies to develop more direct selling channels and construct their own platforms.

Five Technology Trends For The Future of Luxury Ecommerce Retail

The appeal of luxury has driven the fashion world with its exclusivity, personalization and, most of all, status representation due to high prices and quality products. Here are 5 technology trends used by luxury retail brands digitally and how they are using them to maintain brand essence and keep their customer base even closer.

TikTok’s New Creator Marketplace API Lets Influencer Marketing Companies Tap Into First-Party Data

TikTok is making it easier for brands and agencies to work with the influencers using its service. The company is rolling out a new “TikTok Creator Marketplace API,” which allows marketing companies to integrate more directly with TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, the video app’s in-house influencer marketing platform.

Managing Credit Risk For Platforms and Marketplaces

This is an exceptionally difficult time for businesses across the world. Many are experiencing drops in demand, disruptions to cash flow, and interruptions to their day-to-day operations. This guide from Stripe covers ways you can assess the credit risk of your sellers or service providers and manage your exposure.

Four Essential Strategies for a Successful Online Grocery Marketplace   

The shift to online grocery shopping has been anything but gradual. At first, the massive spikes in demand seemed temporary, pushing grocers to adopt digital strategies on the fly. Many opted for quick solutions – like partnerships with grocery delivery apps such as Instacart or Peapod – that allowed them to instantly address this new, seemingly fleeting demand. While helpful in meeting short-term needs, these partnerships are not effective long-term solutions for profitable eCommerce growth in what has become a new reality: more buyers want to order their groceries online.

Unbundling The Unbundlers – The End of Winner-Takes-All

Global scale networks, venture funding, data hoarding, and capital-labor inequality have come together to find a new home in the platform economy. Platforms concentrate and create winner-take-all economics at a scale. All that is, however, poised to change. Web3 holds the promise of fundamentally rearchitecting market infrastructure and governance, backed by protocols designed for minimal extraction.

With Thousands of Orders to Pick, Where Do I Start?

Chasing down sales across a brand’s website, through strategic partners and on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy, creates a wide range of opportunity for multichannel retailers, but can also bring the challenge of prioritization. With expectant customers at every turn, how do you manage the process of order allocation for picking and packing to ensure you’re meeting delivery promises? What strategy should you enlist to align the capability of your warehouse operation with the efforts of your multichannel marketing? Here are some options.

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