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Zebra wins Oracle Markie Award Blog

Zebra Technologies Wins Oracle Markie Award for Enterprise Customer Shopping Experience

Leading Enterprise technology provider Oracle announced that Zebra Technologies had won their prestigious The Pinnacle Award for Best Overall Customer Experience—Enterprise at the 2021 Markie Awards. This category was open to Enterprises with more than $500 Million in yearly revenue as Oracle asked entrants to show “how your organization architected a standout customer experience that shifted your focus from driving transactions to building brand advocates. Zebra won on the strength of a best-in-the-business B2B buying experience that takes the simplicity and convenience of consumer shopping and brings it to the often complex realm of business transactions.


The Markies have been around for fifteen years, founded by the legacy Eloqua organization as a way to recognize excellence in digital marketing. The Markies have since matured and evolved into a recognition of excellence in not only marketing, but in overall customer experience including data driven innovations and even a subset of partner and agency awards. With B2B ecommerce, the complex realities of configuratility, variable pricing, company purchasing hierarchies, etc, etc,. often lead to well-intentioned, but intimidating-to-use ordering mechanisms. The kind of situation where it’s just easier to call an order in to a sales or service rep than it is to contend with placing the order online.

Zebra was experiencing this challenge, put together a plan to solve it, engaged capable partners, evaluated their technology options, and ultimately ended up with an ordering platform that increased traffic, while driving up revenues, and increasing customer satisfaction scores. This new experience was built on an integrated Oracle technology stack and offers a unified, responsive, and user-friendly interface.


The McFadyen Digital team is extremely proud of the work we did with the Zebra team and with our other project partners at AccelAlpha and TCS. The relentless focus on making things easier and better for the end-user was the overriding reason why this project was such a success. The legacy online ordering solution that Zebra had in place was born out of necessity as it organically matured and grew over the years. The result was four disparate systems that a customer would need to access to view catalog information, access specs of a product, configure a product, and then ultimately place the order. This process lead many customers to prefer other ordering channels, sometimes getting frustrated with the online options. Zebra knew that it was time to evolve the online ordering experience.

Zebra established a well-lead, extremely focused team of internal leaders and experts and partnered that group with partners McFadyen Digital, AccelAlpha, and TCS. Together, this team strategized, planned, and executed a net-new online ordering platform that replaced the four cumbersome legacy systems with a modern, responsive, and consumer-like shopping experience. In this new platform, a customer could log in, use an accurate, fast search engine, locate a product with complete details and specifications, configure even the most variable product options, and transact within that same environment.

The combination of Oracle Commerce Cloud to handle product, search, cart, and transaction capabilities integrated with Oracle CPQ Cloud to handle complex product configurations, and Oracle Analytics Cloud for insights is a powerful stack. The Architecture, OCC, and User Experience work that the McFadyen team performed in conjunction with AccelAlpha’s CPQ wizardry and TCS’ capable partnership with the OCC foundation made the Zebra team’s vision come to life.

The result is that revenues are way up, customer satisfaction rates are way up, and visitors to the site are up over 5x. Through the entire User Experience and Architecture design process it was clear that the Zebra team’s obsession with providing a consumer-like experience for their customer was going to result in something special. Now we know it was special and Zebra has the award to prove it. Congratulations to all involved in creating this truly special buying experience and thank you to Oracle for recognizing all of the effort that went into this site.

If your organization would like to create a scalable, profitable, award-winning digital commerce experience of your own, please reach out to us at info@mcfadyen.com.

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