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Ecommerce & Marketplaces Newsletter – June 11th, 2021

The headline over the past week was Fastly’s outage, where a single customer managed to take down not only the major CDN, but also Reddit and many other AWS customers. In other news, Mirakl’s Enterprise Marketplace Index report is a fascinating read, we learn about key marketplace metrics, and get some tips on how to capitalize on the marketplace model.

Notable news from the past week

A Fastly Internet Outage: How One Customer Broke Amazon, Reddit and Half the Web 
The internet was brought to its knees by a massive outage on Tuesday, 8th June. Now we know exactly what the cause was, and how the problem was fixed. Fastly published a blog post describing exactly what went down, turns out the whole incident was triggered by just a single, unnamed Fastly customer.

Enterprise Marketplace Index Report – Get the Data and Blueprint to Achieve Marketplace Growth
The Enterprise Marketplace Index was created to analyze the shopper, seller, and retailer activity on Mirakl-powered retail marketplaces across the globe to benchmark the state of enterprise marketplaces today and quantify the key growth drivers.

How to Capitalize on the E-Commerce Boom With a Multi-Marketplace Strategy
Consumers trust and prefer marketplaces over brand websites for several reasons, including the availability of fast and free shipping, customer reviews, and easy product comparisons and returns. This article, provides a high-level overview of the factors to consider and pitfalls to avoid when embarking on a multi-marketplace journey.

1 Key Secret to Amazon’s E-Commerce Success 
Amazon, both the e-commerce operator and the stock, has thrived in the past two decades. This article explores possibly the most important factor that helps to explain the company’s success.

How to Create a Service: Introduction to Service Design 
A user’s interaction with a service is entangled in a wide array of relationships and dependencies. This article takes a closer look at the benefits, principles, and components of service design and why businesses should seek to incorporate this practice into their company’s workflow.

11 marketplace metrics you should be tracking to measure your success
Which marketplace metrics really should you track to know your marketplace is successful? One might think that growing your user base and having transactions occur is enough. However, things are quite a bit more nuanced than that.

Build versus Buy: 3 Options for Starting An Online Service Marketplace 
There are many pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether you should build vs buy an online service marketplace platform. You’ll want to carefully consider these factors when making the decision that makes the most sense for your business. This article goes over the pros and cons of building versus buying an online service marketplace to help you make the best decision.

Leading retailers succeeded in adapting as shopping behaviour changed with the Covid-19: Study
Most leading retailers adapted successfully to the onset of Covid-19 thanks to changes in strategy and operations, new analysis suggests.

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