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Festival of Circular Economy

November 15, 2023 November 16, 2023 UTC-5

Scaling the Circular Economy with Circular Platforms

The circular economy offers a framework for reducing waste and increasing sustainability by keeping materials in use through repair, reuse, and recycling. However, scaling the circular economy requires overcoming challenges like connecting suppliers and buyers of used materials and recyclers or refurbishers, tracking materials flows, and financing circular business models.

In this session, we will explore how circular platform business models can help overcome these barriers and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Circular platforms leverage technology and ecosystem governance to facilitate circular flows, increase transparency, and build circular supply chains.

We will provide an overview of key circular platform models like materials marketplaces, reuse/resale marketplaces, asset sharing platforms, and reverse logistics platforms. Drawing on real-world examples, we will discuss how these platforms create circular value and reduce linear material throughput at scale.

Finally, we will explore how circular platforms can help scale remanufacturing and recycling, extend product lifetimes, and enable circular business innovation. The session will provide strategies and best practices that organizations can follow to harness the potential of platforms to advance the circular economy.

Questions addressed and answered:

  • Platform business models have been a powerful business models in driving discovery, matching and global scale in eCommerce? Can this model be deployed to drive the circular economy?

  • How many circular platforms are their globally? In what countries and what sectors?

  • How much funding have circular platforms attracted year-to-date?

  • What role can we expect circular platforms to play in advancing the circular economy to 2030?


Our Sessions

Scaling the Circular Economy with Circular Platforms

Peter Evans, CSO, McFadyen Digital

Thursday, November 16th @ 12:50-01:10pm EST 

Virtual/Live-streamed on Day 2/Stage 2


Peter Evans


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