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Magento Imagine 2018 Recap

Magento Imagine 2018 Recap

The Magento Imagine 2018 show in Las Vegas was a high-energy event set against the glitz of the Vegas strip and the grandeur that is the Wynn.

Eric Lessard of Mirakl at Imagine 2018

Eric Lessard of Mirakl proudly reppin` the 4M program.

McFadyen Digital was excited to partner with Mirakl and Magento to debut the 4M Program at Imagine. 4M is a defined accelerator framework for adding online marketplace functionality to Magento. There’s a lot of buzz in the market around this 3rd party marketplace model as both B2B and B2C ecommerce operators are seeing how the model has brought great success and market penetration to the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. For those interested in learning more about how Magento can run your own curated 3rd party marketplace, McFadyen debuted a new Ebook, Marketplaces for Magento: Capitalizing on the Ecommerce Model of the Future. We are also proud to announce a strategic partnership with Kahuna, who’s marketplace engagement and intelligence platform is a true first.

We had a busy, productive time at Imagine and are already looking forward to next year. For now, check out our show highlights:


We can’t really talk about the Imagine show without mentioning the palpable sense of community present throughout. From our meetings with partners and site operators, to the educational sessions and keynotes, to the social activities, runs, etc., this is a special community and we’re excited to be introducing a true Enterprise-class marketplace model in order to help everyone grow together.


4Magento + McFadyen + Mirakl = MarketplacesM is both a partnership and an acceleration framework that enables Ecommerce site operators to easily add a curated 3rd-party marketplace to the Magento platform in as little time as 3-4 months.

This feat is accomplished when McFadyen uses their pre-built connector to integrate the Mirakl marketplace platform to a new or existing Magento instance. Mirakl is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade online marketplace platform that enables ecommerce site operators to list curated 3rd party products and categories, alongside their own core inventory items. The site operator benefits are near-immediate as marketplaces enable rapid product and category expansion without the risk of carrying additional inventory or expanding expensive pick-and-pack operations. Like Amazon does with their marketplace, you take a percentage of the sale price on all 3rd party items with no fulfillment duties whatsoever, making for a reliably profitable transaction every time.

With the 4M program, you get the backing of the Magento, McFadyen, and Mirakl teams operating as one and you get reliable path to adding a proven money-making marketplace model to your Ecommerce site.

More information on the 4M Program >


Marketplaces for Magento EbookThe Online Marketplace model is the future of ecommerce. According to a recent study, almost 40% of global online retail will occur on a marketplace by 2020. The marketplace pioneers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Uber, and AirBnB have proven the model. Now it’s time for your organization to capitalize on what we’ve learned.

With a modern architecture featuring Magento Commerce and the Mirakl Marketplace platform, you will put your organization in a position to grow now and dominate in the future.

Download the Ebook now >


McFadyen + Kahuna for MarketplacesMcFadyen Digital and Kahuna, the first customer engagement platform for digital marketplaces, announced a new strategic partnership at Imagine 2018. The partnership will combine Kahuna’s innovative cloud-based buyer marketing, seller optimization, and liquidity capabilities with McFadyen Digital’s deep Ecommerce and online marketplace expertise.

Together McFadyen and Kahuna are creating a fast-track accelerator program for incorporating the Kahuna platform into the Mirakl online marketplaces that McFadyen implements for their clients operating Magento or Oracle-based Ecommerce properties. The goal of this program is to work with leading product and service marketplaces as well as global retailers, grocers, and manufacturers looking to incorporate an online marketplace business model. This program will have access to McFadyen’s global delivery resources and subject matter experts, in addition to Kahuna’s marketplace engagement thought leaders and technical resources.

More information on the Kahuna – McFadyen partnership >


Imagine 2018 was a great experience as we already look forward to what 2019’s version will have to offer. In the mean time, we look forward to engaging the Magento community with the 4M program and learning more about the challenges site operators are facing. We’ll have more original content and events coming shortly, so stay tuned and we’ll talk to you soon.

If you have a need for Ecommerce, Marketplace, or Marketing services, please reach out to us at info@mcfadyen.com or hit us up on Twitter @McFadyenDigital.

[Author’s Note] A personal thanks to Jamie Cervantes, Rachel Fefer, and the entire Imagine staff. Imagine was a great experience for our team and the event was very well executed. Congrats and thank you!

Thomas Gaydos
CMO & Digital Marketing Practice Lead
McFadyen Digital

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