Magento has teamed up with McFadyen Digital and Mirakl to enable site operators to quickly and easily add cloud-based online marketplace functionality to new or existing properties via a comprehensive go-live accelerator program.

By 2018, more than 50% of Ecommerce growth will be supported by Marketplace growth. Launching a marketplace is a unique opportunity for Retailers & B2B organizations to rapidly expand their product assortment by directly connecting third party sellers with customers. It’s a low risk way to expand your offer, without needing to buy, store, and ship products. The marketplace business model is 2-3X more profitable than the traditional retail model, and is largely responsible for the massive profitable growth has seen in the past two years.

4M means Magento + McFadyen + Mirakl = Marketplaces:

Mirakl Marketplace Accelerator For Magento

The Mirakl Marketplace Accelerator Program from McFadyen Digital enables you to add a Mirakl marketplace to your Magento site and reap the benefits faster and easier than ever. The agile nature of this program provides site operators with anything from a fast implementation all the way to a comprehensive go-to-market pilot and launch strategy.


Offer more: Get new products in you customer’s hands faster.
Learn more: Learn what else your customers want with data from marketplace sales.
Sell more: More products mean more traffic, higher AOV, and increased loyalty.
Go-live faster: Implementing with McFadyen’s Mirakl accelerator program means faster time to revenue and minimized risk.

Pre-Built Connector for Magento + Mirakl

Organizations who’ve already invested in their Ecommerce presence with Magento can now rapidly expand their product portfolio and drive profitable growth with a Mirakl Marketplace. Our pre-built connector handles the data mapping of Mirakl’s APIs to those of Magento Commerce, and embeds the Mirakl experience into your Magento site.

Benefits of the 4M Program

Magento + Mirakl by McFadyen DigitalMagento, Mirakl, and McFadyen have a shared goal: Maximize your online revenue and profitability. Magento’s commerce solutions facilitate omnichannel success, integrating physical and digital shopping experiences with your core owned products. 

Mirakl focuses on increasing the contribution of the digital channel by enabling companies to deploy the marketplace business model to increase product assortment, increase online traffic, and drive profitable growth. 

McFadyen brings a defined implementation accelerator framework, over 20 years of Ecommerce expertise, and a close partnership with Mirakl and Magento to ensure a smooth go-to-market process.


McFadyen Digital is one of the world’s premier digital commerce service companies and has completed over 200 large scale commerce implementations worldwide. Our expertise with leading commerce frameworks coupled with dedicated eCommerce enthusiasts have resulted in the implementation of some of the biggest eCommerce projects ever. The McFadyen brand guarantee clients with

  • Smarter sales frameworks
  • The best e-business technology
  • Lasting support relations
  • Improved market competence

Magento Enterprise Solution Partner

McFadyen Digital is a Magento Professional Partner. Our team of architects, developers, and strategists work closely with the Magento and Mirakl teams to leverage the latest features and best practices to ensure our clients are gaining every advantage the combined platforms can offer.

4M - Magento + McFadyen + Mirakl = Marketplaces


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