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Top 5 Killer Features of Oracle Commerce Cloud

Top 5 Killer Features of Oracle Commerce Cloud

“Cloud computing is not only the future of computing, but the present and the entire past of computing.” – Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

Alpha Industries replatforms to OCC in 4-monthsThere has been a lot of talk about “enterprise-ready” ecommerce cloud platforms over the past few years, but little to offer in terms of realistic options. Several capable and even innovative cloud-commerce platforms exist, but most are more appropriate for small “mom and pop” stores or mid-sized etailers who are just getting started with digital commerce. When Oracle announced the Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) platform, there were naturally some skeptics. The OCC platform, however – built on Oracle’s on-premise ATG platform and the standard-bearer for search excellence, Endeca – is proving that Enterprise ecommerce in the cloud is now a real possibility.

eMarketer recently observed: “Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, making up 10.1% of total retail sales. This share will surpass 16% by 2021, when sales will hit $4.479 trillion.”

The OCC confluence of Oracle Commerce and Endeca in a modern cloud platform have yielded the power and stability that companies need to deliver an Amazon-like experience while keeping up with this increased ecommerce demand.

It is in that spirit that we bring you the top 5 killer features of the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform:

#1 OCC simplifies your ecommerce setup and operations

The cloud-nature of the OCC platform means your commerce site goes live faster–at far less cost. OCC enables your company to launch feature-rich responsive storefronts across all devices. With OCC, you get to go live 50-70% faster than legacy on-premise platforms. Most functions are native to the OCC platform without need for programming. With its built in user interface, OCC saves you time and money that you would otherwise invest in UI development.

#2 OCC enables regular updates and upgrades

Historically, e-commerce sites always faced one key challenge: integration spanning the key business functions, all the way from outbound marketing to inventory to fulfilment. Patches, updates, and configurations all contributed to make integration more complex and time consuming. Now, all that has changed. With OCC, new features and enhancements are rolled out, pre-tested, several times per year, at no additional cost. Your maintenance and upgrades are automated. So, you can focus on strategic business growth.

#3 OCC has built-in testing capabilities

Quantitative insight into customer buying can mean the difference between a closed sale and an abandoned cart. Oracle Commerce Cloud is the only enterprise level commerce platform with native A/B testing capabilities. Built-in experiments allow OCC site operators to run A/B tests for text, imagery, or navigation elements, providing valuable insights to improve conversions and Average Order Value. Control over the digital customer experience along with the ability to perform A/B tests seamlessly enables businesses to make data-driven decision, improve engagement and increase ecommerce sales in real-time.

#4 OCC has native consumer personalization features

Today’s consumers seek connected digital experiences–with compelling content, personalized offers, seamless transactions, service on demand and consumption on any device. Customers today expect an increasingly personalized experiences. This functionality used to require expensive and time-consuming custom programming—but not anymore. OCC has built-in features that allow site operators to customize products, images, and offers to specific users. Oracle solutions for engagement, commerce and intelligence can work to attract and convert customers to build sustainable revenues.

#5 OCC has powerful widgets that provide easy functionality extensions

Widgets enables a user to perform a function or access a service that is not otherwise a natively available integration or feature. The existing OCC widgets library enables site operators to take advantage of existing widgets to use as templates. From this point on, they can easily develop custom site extensions for Oracle Commerce Cloud using JavaScript. This makes adding external features such as reviews, recommendations, additional payment types, simpler than ever.

In closing

Oracle Commerce Cloud - 5 Killer FeaturesOracle Commerce Cloud puts your customer at the center of your business by allowing you to focus on maximizing their experience without worrying about excessive development and testing cycles for each feature you want to incorporate, or with every adjustment you need to make.

This renewed focus on customer experience ultimately gets you increased loyalty and AOV. With all of the hype surrounding so many of these new, untested, non-scalable ecommerce platforms, we are seeing how OCC can help you achieve the business agility you need without compromise. The promise of Enterprise ecommerce in the cloud is being realized, and we’re excited about the possibilities it brings.

If you have any questions about Oracle Commerce Cloud or are seeking an OCC partner for implementation, re-platforming, or site optimization, please Contact Us to speak with a digital commerce expert. We’ve been succeeding with Oracle’s commerce platforms for over 20-years, and are confident we’d make the perfect partner for your organization.

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