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Mirakl Summit NYC 2024 Recap Blog Header

Mirakl Summit New York City 2024 Recap: How to Win with Marketplace & Dropship

The 2024 iteration of Mirakl’s Summit in New York City marked an immediate highlight to the digital commerce calendar, with McFadyen Digital proudly serving as a Titanium sponsor of both the event and the welcome party. Mirakl, a premier enterprise online marketplace and drop ship platform, has seen its summits grow and evolve, becoming a cornerstone for insights and strategies for online marketplace and drop shipping success. This year’s summit brought together industry leaders and innovators to explore the future of multi-vendor digital commerce.

Event Program Highlights

Mirakl Co-CEO & Founder Adrien Nussenbaum discusses the demonstrative success of the Mirakl platform worldwide by the numbers.

The summit featured a robust agenda filled with insightful sessions and panel discussions led by notable industry figures. As has become the usual at the Mirakl Summits, the audience was treated to real-world stories and knowledge that create immediately actionable plans for those in attendance. This year’s highlights included:

Mirakl Summit Keynote
The opening keynote saw RJ Cilley, Chief Operating Officer at Saks, Jay Dombi, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Cencora, and Emily Greenfield, Director of Ecommerce at Mac Duggal, discussing their marketplace journey with Mirakl CEO and Co-Founder Adrien Nussenbaum.

Claiming Your Slice of the Retail Media Pie
This session featured Havas Market EVP, Molly Hop, discussing their partnership related to Mirakl Ads with Mirakl’s CTO Nagi Letaifa, and VP of Mirakl Ads, Octavie Gosslein. The trio discussed how Havas, one of the world’s largest global communications networks, partners with Mirakl to create an incredibly powerful independent retail media network for brands and retailers.

Growing the 3P Ecosystem to Drive Increased Profitability
This invitation-only session focused on the importance of maintaining a multi-sided engagement focus when operating a marketplace. Mirakl’s General Manager B2B, Marc Teulieres, and Chief Customer Officer, Sophia Marchessou, lead an engaging discussion on the best ways to maintain engagement from not only customers, but the seller community of the commerce ecosystem, as well, and how to drive growth and connections throughout.

Mirakl Ads takes center stage as the Retail Media market continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Building an Airtight Business Case for Your Unowned Inventory Strategy
In this session, Hearst’s SVP Product – Marketplace, Jeanne Barrueta, and Mirakl’s Director of Client Services, Eric Yale, discussed the best way to build an effective business case for a 3rd party commerce business. They discussed the considerations that need to be undertaken, the challenges faced, the best ways to explain the ROI nuances from 1p tp 3p commerce and more.

Create Richer Customer Experiences and Win More Revenue with AI
In this fascinating session, Mirakl’s VP, Strategic Advisor Program, Kelly Gow, discussed how AI is being used to drive more revenue and increase customer satisfaction with Lynda Clarizio, Co-Founder of the 98, and Forrester Senior Analyst, Performance Marketing, Nikhil Lai. The panel discussed making the most of the impressive AI features native to Mirakl’s platform, from the AI-based product recommendations of Target2Sell to the advanced catalog mapping features, to the ChatGPT-powered generative AI, this was an intriguing session on the bleeding edge of how AI is being applied in modern commerce.

Spotlight Session: Better Together – Using Marketplace & Dropship to Boost Retail Profitability

Tom McFadyen discusses Using Marketplace & Dropship to Boost Retail Profitability with Mirakl’s Fareeha Ali and Maisonette’s Dalia Seltzer.

A key highlight was the session titled “Better Together: Using Marketplace & Dropship to Boost Retail Profitability,” featuring Tom McFadyen, CEO of McFadyen Digital. The session also included Brooke Chambers from Kroger and Dalia Seltzer from Maisonette, moderated by Fareeha Ali from Mirakl. This panel explored how combining marketplace and dropship strategies can significantly boost margins and profits, using real-life examples from leading retailers. The key takeaway was that operating a hybrid model where dropshipping is used to handle shorter tail, usually heavier and more price controlled items with the marketplace extending longer tail items with greater offer flexibility left to the sellers. A combination of these models, particularly running on the same platform, can provide even more value than either one alone, and are quite complimentary in practical application.

McFadyen Digital Team Engagement

The McFadyen Digital team, including Tom McFadyen (CEO), Adam Thibodeaux (SVP of Global Sales), Jeremy Blanford (Sales Director), and Eliot Thibodeaux (Sales Development Representative), actively engaged with attendees throughout the summit. The team enjoyed networking with many of the industry’s multi-vendor commerce luminaries, discussing trends, challenges, and opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace landscape.


The Mirakl Summit New York City 2024 underscored the critical role of innovation, collaboration and listening to the voice of the customer when driving commerce ecosystem growth. McFadyen Digital’s participation as a Titanium sponsor and the contributions of its leadership and team members highlighted the company’s commitment to leading the charge in marketplace transformation. As the summit concluded, attendees left with actionable insights and a renewed vision for leveraging marketplace strategies to achieve profitable growth.

For more details on the sessions and speakers, you can visit the official Mirakl Summit page. If you’d like to be connected with McFadyen’s team of marketplace experts for assistance with your own multi-vendor commerce strategy or implementation, please contact us at info@mcfadyen.com. McFadyen Digital also maintains a content program full of educational materials on the topic of marketplaces that will help everyone from experienced industry veterans to newcomers to the model. Be sure to download the Marketplace Maturity Model, the Marketplace Suite Spot Report, and Building a Business Case for an Online Marketplace.


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