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Marketplace Best Practices Book Launch Virtual Event

With online marketplaces now accounting for over 50% of global ecommerce purchases, the power of the marketplace model has become apparent. Platforming your business with a marketplace is a powerful way to evolve beyond traditional ecommerce, creating a scalable and profitable model while seizing a new type of leadership position within your industry.

McFadyen Digital has been innovating using the marketplace model for over 15 years with our customers experiencing marketplace success in the retail, grocery, and B2B ecommerce segments. We’re proud to announce the launch of our new book, Marketplace Best Practices, a how-to reference guide empowering businesses to strategize, build, launch, and scale their own marketplaces.

Watch below as host Fareeha Ali of Digital Commerce 360, book author Tom McFadyen, and Rachel Goldband, the leader of the Thoughtfull Marketplace by Indigo for this virtual book launch event. We’ll explore why the marketplace model is the next great ecommerce approach, who is currently succeeding with this model and why, and how your organization can innovate and grow by platforming with a marketplace.

Download your copy of Marketplace Best Practices on Amazon now.

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