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Why McFadyen Digital Joined the MACH Alliance

McFadyen Digital is proud to have been accepted into the MACH Alliance, an organization whose commitment to flexible, cloud-based technology architecture aligns with our own experience-based approach.

MACH Certified 2020 - McFadyen DigitalWHY THE MACH ALLIANCE?

The MACH Alliance, (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) launched in June of 2020 and is rooted in the common belief that the interoperability and open architecture of modern software will propel current and future digital experiences. What drew McFadyen to MACH was our alignment regarding approach to technology architecture, strategic planning, and the belief that shared knowledge and experience benefits ourselves and our greater communities. Here, we will collaborate with partners and competitors alike (“collaboratition”, anyone?) in order to provide the best insights, case studies, and actionable intelligence in the market. As the aphorism goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

The MACH approach to technology is consistent with McFadyen Digital’s own approach over the past 33 years. While modern advances such as API-first architecture, cloud-based hosting, and the SaaS delivery model have enabled new levels of flexibility and openness in architectural design, we’ve been integrating complex systems and platforms for over 33 years. Entering the commerce-space 22 years ago, our reputation for handling the most complex of projects was rooted in a knowledge of what makes for a successful tech stack…the ability to integrate best-of-breed solutions at every turn.

“We’ve been growing and experiencing great market acceptance since our June launch, says Kelly Goetsch, then president of the MACH Alliance. “McFadyen Digital is a valuable addition to the alliance with a demonstrated commitment to MACH architecture, and a clear focus on enterprise success. The MACH Certification focuses on flexibility and future-proofing, something all members have ingrained in how they think about digital commerce.”


Our customers have seen the evolution of this approach from the days of legacy monoliths like Oracle Commerce (ATG) and IBM WebSphere to the modern API-first cloud-based platforms like Magento, Mirakl, or Oracle Commerce Cloud, to the microservices-based approach of commercetools. We continue to support all of the platforms, technologies, and partners that we have been proud to be associated with. This MACH Alliance relationship serves to broaden perspective, deepen knowledge, challenge assumptions, and ultimately increase the ways in which we can help our clients to create special digital commerce experiences.

“We’re honored to collaborate with other thought leaders in the MACH Alliance in driving better user experiences, technology architectures and returns on digital investments,” says Tom McFadyen, our CEO. “The MACH architecture addresses the challenges we frequently see with extensibility, scalability, and maintainability when building billion-dollar sites.”


At McFadyen Digital, we believe that the future of online commerce will be based on open architecture and that the platform approach offered by the marketplace model presents new and unique ways to grow scalable and profitable sites. With ecommerce taking on a new level of societal importance in light of the continued pandemic, enterprises need to be nimbler than ever as competition and customer expectations continue to rise. Across both retail and B2B segments, customers increasingly prefer “low-touch” or “no-touch” online transactions. It is our mission and our obsession to build the absolute best digital shopping experiences for our clients. Stay tuned for ongoing content, case studies, action guides, and other valuable thought leadership from the MACH Alliance and from McFadyen Digital.

If we can help your organization with strategic or technology-based ecommerce or marketplace initiatives, please contact us at info@mcfadyen.com and we’ll connect you with our experts. To learn more about the MACH Alliance, visit www.machalliance.com.

Thomas Gaydos
CMO & Digital Marketing Practice Lead
McFadyen Digital

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