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McFadyen Digital Staff Earns First Global Mirakl Marketplace Expert Certification

McFadyen Digital Staff Earns First Global Mirakl Marketplace Expert Certification

Among the first in the world to earn Mirakl Certified Integrator status, McFadyen’s developers step up as true marketplace leaders.

Mirakl Certified Integrator - McFadyen Digital Blog

The McFadyen Digital family is always proud when our team members earn industry certifications and we’re especially proud of those who have become among the first Mirakl Certified Integrators in the world. This certification is a new excellency benchmark created and administered by McFadyen platform partner Mirakl, the only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale. This certification tests applicants on their knowledge of the strategy, configuration, and integration capabilities of the Mirakl marketplace platform. Earning such a certification means the individual has mastered the configuration and operational aspects of the platform and can be viewed as a subject matter expert on the topic.

So please join us in congratulating McFadyen developers Abhilash Vijayan, Arun Unnikrishnan, Lucas Seidenfus, and Athira Indrakumar on earning Mirakl Certified Integrator status. The leadership and knowledge demonstrated by these individuals shows their commitment to McFadyen’s customers, their own personal growth, the Mirakl platform, and the marketplace model of digital commerce. With several live Mirakl marketplaces, more in active development, and even more in the planning stages, this expertise is and will-be put to good use helping our customers to succeed.

McFadyen Digital Mirakl Certified Integrator Certifications

“Marketplaces disrupt traditional business models, and operators need a unique set of technical and strategic skills to be successful. With this new certification program, it’s even easier for our customers to hire the most qualified marketplace experts. We are excited to see so many members of the McFadyen Digital team getting certified, proving their expertise and commitment to the platform revolution.”

– Philippe Corrot, Co-founder and CEO, Mirakl

“At McFadyen Digital, we’ve been believers in both Mirakl and the online marketplace model for some time. Our customers demand scalable and flexible technologies in their digital commerce stacks. That’s why Mirakl became such a natural fit for building online marketplaces. We’re proud of our ability to deliver large-scale projects involving Mirakl and the certifications our team members have earned serves as proof of ours, and Mirakl’s, commitment to excellence. ”

– Tom McFadyen, President and CEO, McFadyen Digital

McFadyen Digital and Mirakl have been frequent collaborators over the past few years, going live with online marketplaces in the retail, grocery, manufacturing, food services, and healthcare spaces. With several projects in-flight and even more McFadyen developers earning Mirakl certifications, the duo looks forward to helping many other organizations to platform their business with the online marketplace model.

Read the official announcements from McFadyen and Mirakl, and reach out to us at info@mcfadyen.com if we can help your business profit by building a scalable online marketplace.

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