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B2B Enterprise Ecommerce for the Next Decade [White Paper]

B2B Enterprise Ecommerce for the Next Decade [White Paper]

US B2B Ecommerce Sales 2016 to 2021 Graphic

B2B US Ecommerce Sales from 2016 Through Projected Estimates in 2021

B2B ecommerce is taking giant growth strides. A recent Forrester report predicts that US B2B ecommerce sales will grow to $1.8 trillion in revenue by 2023 growing at the CAGR of 10% over next 3 years. At a global level B2B ecommerce sales will hit $6.6 trillion by 2020 and at some point will exceed B2C as per a report from Frost & Sullivan. More than ever B2B is surging and competition is going to increase and the B2B buyer behavior will push players to adopt new technologies and platforms to provide improved B2C like customer experience. Companies are no longer just competing on price or products. Instead, they are differentiating themselves with experiences that are delightful, meaningful, and personalized – to foster mutually beneficial relationships and sustained business growth.

A lot of this meaningful experience and sustained business growth is dependent on the platform that one uses. The ecommerce industry has moved from custom solutions to platform based monoliths and finally to the cloud.

You need to ensure that the ecommerce platform you choose to power your business is ready for long term, scalable growth. The future of commerce requires open platforms and more than ever the emphasis should be on systems that can talk to each other, integrate and offer high level of flexibility.

Enterprise Ecommerce has reached an inflection point. Leaders are now faced with imminent questions about what to do with vital, but aging ecommerce platform infrastructures in a way that won’t disrupt current activity, but sets the company up for scalable success for the next decade.

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B2B Enterprise Ecommerce for the Next Decade White Paper by McFadyen DigitalTo learn more about the opportunity presented to B2B businesses by the online marketplace model, download the “B2B Enterprise Ecommerce For the Next Decade” white paper or contact us using the information below.

In this white paper, we examine the current state of Enterprise ecommerce with a lens on progressing from legacy platforms and into the next phase of ecommerce evolution that will provide the scalability, flexibility, and stability to meet business objectives for the foreseeable future. This white paper will also touch upon the following areas to predict what’s next.

1. The State of Enterprise Ecommerce
2. The Journey from On-Prem to the Cloud
3. Key Considerations When Evaluating Platforms
4. Ecommerce 3.0 – The Online Marketplace Model

McFadyen Digital has helped some of the world’s largest brands deliver innovative Ecommerce and online marketplace solutions to their customers for over thirty one years. Please contact us at info@mcfadyen.com if you’d like to have a conversation about taking your own digital commerce experience to the next level.

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