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eCommerce and Marketplace Leader McFadyen Digital introduces exciting new retail platform at the NRF Big Show 2020

January 13th, 2019 New York, NY – McFadyen Digital, a provider of award-winning eCommerce and online marketplace solutions for the world’s top brands, announced the creation of a popup autonomous retail-as-a-service (PARaaS) platform known as Cartable. The Cartable platform has vast applications across many industries, but most importantly, in retail, grocery, B2B and military verticals.

Cartable Popup Autonomous Retail Storefront Examples“Cartable is a game-changer for improving customer experience. This popup autonomous store model provides an unprecedented opportunity to offer a unique level of convenience that differentiates from what Amazon and the other big players are offering,” according to Tom McFadyen, CEO of McFadyen Digital. “This flexible combination of online connectivity, on-demand product offerings, and locker pickup, means that autonomous storefronts can be available wherever needed.”

For retailers and brands, Cartable presents a fantastic opportunity for a quickly deployable, staff-less popup retail store that can offer services such as configurable in-stock convenience items, eCommerce order delivery, secure lockers, and reverse logistics in a go-anywhere format. It streamlines the last mile in a self-sustained, un-manned, and an easily portable platform.

Cartable provides precise white-glove setup and relocation services, and integrates with existing infrastructure for catalogs, payments, merchandising, and analytics. The storefront options are configurable to serve multiple applications and provides unique branding, merchandising, and digital signage applications never seen before in this space.

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About Cartable

Cartable is a platform for Popup Autonomous Retail as a Service (PARaaS). This platform enables customers to transact 24×7 without staff. Brands, landlords, and other organizations can leverage existing investments, extend sales channels and supply chains, improve customer experience, increase revenue, and decrease operational expenses using Cartable’s mobile autonomous retail solution. Brands can leverage Cartable’s offline presence to create consistent brand product experiences, launch new products, test, and enact continual iterations and improvements.

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About McFadyen Digital

McFadyen Digital is a global Commerce Agency with a 30-year history of innovation for more than 250 of the world’s top brands. We deliver digital commerce, online marketplace, marketing, and user experience services from our offices in North America, South America, and India.

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