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Oracle Commerce Cloud 19AMP Brings Useful Feature Improvements

Oracle Commerce Cloud 19AMP Brings Useful Feature Improvements

Last month, Oracle released version 19AMP of Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC).  This new release sees a host of new features  with functional efficiency additions like the ability to edit prices directly in the storefront, the ability to publish a filtered list of changes, and adding a vital marketing and merchandising capability with personalization now available based on Geolocation.

“Oracle has made good on their promise to release frequent updates to the Oracle Commerce Cloud platform directly based on client feedback. This 19AMP release comes on the heels of the year’s first update with 19A and brings features that matter to site operators and customers alike.”

Umapathy Gandhi, SVP, Global Delivery, McFadyen Digital

The new features released in the Oracle Commerce Cloud 19AMP update includes:


Edit Prices on the Storefront – OCC now allows for editing prices directly in the storefront, bypassing the publishing process for merchants making high-frequency price changes. Merchants can edit product and SKU prices in the OCC Admin UI or use CSV file import.

Publish Filtered List – OCC Admin users can now filter the change list and publish items without explicitly selecting checkboxes (selecting items one by one or page by page) increasing ease of use and saving time.


Geolocation – Merchants now have the ability to build audiences of registered or anonymous shoppers based on their location as reported by the CDN. Audiences can be built based on Place, Latitude and Longitude, and Time Zone, allowing merchants to present personalized content, products and offers to shoppers in different areas of the country.


Customize Emails for Saved Carts
– You can now include the cart name of the saved cart in emails (If your store supports saved carts), such as the Abandoned Order email which reminds customers of items left unpurchased in their shopping cart.

Changing the Status of Contact Registration Requests – In the Agent Console, agents acting as delegated administrators can now change the status of a contact request (Accept, Reject, More Info Needed, Review, New) improving workflow efficiencies.


Customizing Countries and Regions in Addresses – New Admin API endpoints at /ccadmin/v1/countries now allow the merchants to add, delete, and update countries and regions available to their store, making it possible to manage a list of countries and regions that have assigned abbreviations for region and display names.


Manage Failed Event Webhook Messages
– Merchant administrators can now view and resend failed messages using the Admin UI. Now one can.

  • View a list of event web hook messages that have failed to reach their destination after a maximum of five attempts.
  • View additional failure information, such as the error message and failed target URLs.
  • Resend failed messages (allows for five more attempts).
  • Ability to permanently delete failed messages.

Retry Functional Webhook Failures – This is useful in instances where there are intermittent connection failures and a retry is necessary. Allows for the ability to retry functional web hook failures where a failure is defined as any response other than 2xx (e.g. 200 OK), as well as the ability to configure the number of retries for each web hook or disable retry altogether.


Add Card to Shopper Profile – Shoppers can now add a saved credit card to their profile without having to place an order. Once saved, this card can be used as the payment method for future orders.


Preview Enhancements – Customers that are using specific layouts or targeting content to specific Audiences can now preview the shopper experience for a specific audience or combination of audiences without having to test on a test site and set up Shopper profiles that correlate to a specific audience rule.


Dynamic Curation Preview – It is now possible to preview a rule that has a read-only, complex “destination,” allowing merchants to preview the effects of rules created via API for “destinations” other than a product collection or search terms.


There are a whole host of additional features included with this release and more information on these can be had at the Oracle Commerce Cloud Release 19AMP documentation. You can also read Oracle’s Blog on the same subject here.

If you have any questions about Oracle Commerce Cloud or how to make the most of these new features, please contact us at info@mcfadyen.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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