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The Grocery Goldmine: Ecommerce and the Marketplace Model [Ebook]

The Grocery Goldmine: Ecommerce and the Marketplace Model [Ebook]

McFadyen Digital is proud to launch “The Grocery Goldmine: Ecommerce and the Marketplace Model, our latest Ebook resource designed to educate Grocers about the growth potential presented by applying the online marketplace model to their ecommerce operations.

The Grocery Goldmine Ebook Cover

Competition within the Grocery Industry is heating up like never before. With more global retailers entering the US market and the increasing disruption by retailers like Amazon and Walmart, Grocers need a competitive advantage to reliably increase market-share and revenue. The good news is that the majority of the industry has not yet made effective use of digital channels and ecommerce, so a lot of opportunity remains to gain market share as long as the digital commerce end is done the right way.

It is this “whitespace” opportunity that has 85% of grocery industry leaders believing that investing in digital capabilities is the key to business success over the next 18 months. It’s also why ordering online for in-store pick-up is the top digital capability investment area in 2018.

In “The Grocery Goldmine” we explore the disruption happening within the grocery and food service industries, identify some of the areas where true differentiation is possible via digital commerce initiatives, then discuss ways to implement difference-making technologies and processes.

The online marketplace model is a powerful consideration, as it takes your ecommerce platform and turns it into a business platform where you leverage your own technology and brand in order to rapidly scale product and category offerings by enabling third party sellers to list their items on your site alongside your own products. Your customers gain more product selection, your sellers gain another sales channel, and you take a percentage of their sale without worrying about inventory or shipping. In addition to the super-charged drop-ship benefits, a marketplace can also tie-in with local vendors of produce, crafts, candles, etc. where items can be locally delivered or picked up in-store. The marketplace model can also be used for services, ala Angie’s List, Thumbtack, or HomeAdvisor. There are a wide range of possibilities for both regional and National brands.

With only 2% of the Grocery industry’s revenue coming from ecommerce, there’s a lot of upside to go along with the disruption. The marketplace model fits the grocery industry perfectly at a time when the leaders are going to adopt this model quickly. Read The Grocery Goldmine Ebook to learn more and be a disruptor, not disrupted.

Download your copy of The Grocery Goldmine here >

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