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McFadyen Digital is proud to launch, Online Marketplaces for Oracle-based Ecommerce, our latest Ebook resource designed to help those operating an Oracle Commerce (ATG) or Oracle Commerce Cloud site learn how to leverage the power of the online marketplace model of digital commerce.

Online Marketplaces for Oracle Commerce Cloud Ebook2018 will mark the first time that online sales will cross the $100 billion milestone to reach the $107.4B mark registering a 13% y-o-y growth.  Across board, existing Oracle site operators are looking to extract further revenue out of their substantial investments in the platform, given the continued surge of online commerce demand. One look at the US retail’s $691.9 billion holiday season in 2017, and you see the opportunity being presented..

It is against this backdrop that McFadyen’s new eBook, Online Marketplaces for Oracle-base Ecommerce, takes the spotlight. In it, you will learn about online marketplaces are platforms that dominate the 21st century because they reduce the cost of value creation, consumption and quality control. It will focus on platforms like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart and Uber serve business to customer and business to business markets, while powering rapid growth through economies of scale.

Online Marketplaces for Oracle-based Commerce will provide you with a strategic perspective of online marketplaces, spelling out the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of these platforms. Importantly, you will learn how you can start a marketplace with Oracle and Mirakl. With this Ebook, you can take the first steps towards building your own marketplace, creating your own ecosystem and offering your customers a top notch retail experience.

Download your copy of Online Marketplaces for Oracle-based Ecommerce here >

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