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Mirakl Marketplace + Oracle Commerce Cloud Connector Goes Live on the OCC Marketplace

Mirakl Marketplace + Oracle Commerce Cloud Connector Goes Live on the OCC Marketplace

Amazon’s Marketplace is one of the company’s most important successes, providing 51% of Amazon’s total sales in 2017 and continuing a pattern of upward growth. Mirakl is a cloud-based platform that enables you to create your own marketplace integrated with your existing ecommerce platform, enabling more effective competition with Amazon.

Statistic: Percentage of paid units sold by third-party sellers on Amazon platform as of 4th quarter 2017 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

McFadyen Digital, already having developed a Mirakl connector for Oracle Commerce (ATG), is happy to announce that our new Mirakl Marketplace + Oracle Commerce Cloud Connector is live on the OCC Marketplace. This Connector is a pre-built integration between the Mirakl marketplace platform and OCC, cutting down a typical Mirakl – OCC implementation by up to 35%.Marketplaces provide three major benefits for OCC site operators:

1. Offer more selection to your customers
You have the power to choose which categories to expand into, which products to offer, and which vendors to allow to sell. This type of rapid category and product selection expansion can now be accomplished with minimal risk since you don’t need to stock or ship the items.

2. Learn more about what customers want
The additional selection enabled by your marketplace allows you to use the vendors and their products as free product and market research. Top selling products and categories make for a safer addition to owned inventory while uncovering patterns in product pairing helps increase up and cross-sell opportunities, just to name a couple of these benefits that positively impact AOV, repurchasing rates, and TLV.

3. Sell more products and increase revenues
The more you offer and learn, the more you sell. By bolstering your category and product offerings, more related items are purchased, orders are larger and you get to take a percentage of all 3rd party sales without carrying the inventory or fulfilling the order.

If you are interested in learning more about adding a Mirakl Marketplace to your Oracle Commerce Cloud or Oracle Commerce (ATG) property, please check out the OCC + Mirakl Connector on the OCC Marketplace or connect with us on Twitter @McFadyenDigital.

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