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McFadyen Best Practices for Your Digital Commerce Site in 2017

McFadyen Best Practices for Your Digital Commerce Site in 2017

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Year 2017 is a year of tremendous change for digital commerce operators worldwide.

In 2016, consumer spends were favourably in line with expectations for much of the year. Consumer spends broke expectations with the onset of the Holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday together accounted for close to $7 billion in sales revenue. Year 2017 is the year of disruptive sales events like Amazon’s Prime Day, Cyber Monday and Black Friday.  Online sales will disrupt the sales of physical store sales all across the globe. The biggest challenge facing digital commerce companies is to prepare their website for sales. In terms of traffic management, shopping frequencies and user sessions, the year 2017 is the year of reckoning for retailers worldwide.

Here are 5 best practices that will prep your ecommerce website for a year of aggressive competition and build your customers’ engagement and loyalty every time they visit your online store. Here are our top picks at McFadyen Digital:

Robust technology platform
If your digital commerce  site is running on legacy systems, you need to modernize it. You can accomplish this through a scalable and robust modern day digital commerce platform. Hiring an expert digital commerce consulting company to repurpose your entire technology architecture without altering your business model. An industry standard digital commerce platform will ensure that all your marketing and business logic enables a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Optimize checkout
In one of our previous blog posts, we had detailed the essentials of a great digital commerce  checkout process. Cart abandonment rate is the one parameter that you need to focus on. 2016 saw several websites report that in many cases, 90% of their shoppers left their site on the checkout stage simply because it wasn’t optimized to provide them a hassle free purchase. The solution would be to design multiple checkout workflows and conduct A/B Testing and other proven quality analysis to determine the best checkout process for your digital commerce  store.

Consumer choices change in a matter of seconds. The more data an ecommerce system is able to collect and analyse, more is the personalization options they can offer to consumers. Personalization is a continuous process that always evolves based on feedback. Personalizing consumer interactions with easier navigation, better targeted promotions and smart marketing will greatly influence purchase decisions.

Managing feedback content
Today, almost all digital commerce sites offer customers a choice to leave reviews and comments on their purchases. Most sites do not attempt to engage customers further after they have submitted their reviews and ratings. With smart marketing tools, your marketers can gain deep insights into how consumers are generating positive or negative sentiments for their purchases and helps them engage in better conversations which ultimately leads to new sales requests.

Intuitive delivery
Delivery is the area where the customer actually comes in contact with his purchase for the first time. This is your opportunity to build customer engagement and loyalty at this stage. Making the fastest delivery alone isn’t enough to gain confidence from shoppers but providing a complete delivery/pick-up experience is key to winning customer loyalty. Allowing consumers to select favourable delivery time slots, offering them choices to change delivery addresses after despatch, etc. are just some of the ways you can help consumers feel happy about the overall delivery experience.

So there you have it folks, our top 5 picks in best practices to help your digital commerce site win big in 2017. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights.

Image Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/business-shopping-online-concept_1211501.htm#term=ecommerce&page=1&position=12

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