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Introducing the new
B2B MACHcellerator
with coFE Catalyst

The B2B MACHcellerator is the first and only accelerator specifically designed for complex B2B use cases while leveraging the power of commercetools Front End (coFE) and containing a native marketplace connector for further expansion to a multi-vendor model. The resulting 40% timeline reduction represents up to three months acceleration for a traditional ecommerce site and up to four months acceleration for a multi-vendor commerce platform.

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commercetools B2B MACHcellerator Graphic

A faster way to commercetools

With McFadyen’s B2B MACHcellerator, you get a complete cloud-native elastic-architecture-based B2B ecommerce site with 16 Epics covering 280 features available from the start. These pre-built B2B features form the basis of an elite modern buying experience based on over 27 years of digital commerce success. Furthermore, our reference front end coFE Catalyst store is included and ready for branding. The Marketplace Accelerator for commercetools is an optional extension allowing for rapid connection to the most popular marketplace and drop shipping platforms on the market.

The B2B MACHcellerator with coFE Catalyst is the ideal starting point for any B2B organization seeking to modernize their ecommerce architecture with a MACH-based approach.


Go to Market Up to 40% Faster

  • Up to 3-months acceleration for most traditional B2B ecommerce use cases
  • Up to 4-months acceleration for most B2B multi-vendor use cases
  • Start development within days of kickoff
  • Leverage a modular build approach for maximum flexibility
  • Pre-built integrations take the guesswork out of composable
  • Best-of-breed features are available from the beginning

Reduce Risk

  • Flexible architecture means a flexible go-live model with built-in fallbacks
  • Pre-built and pre-tested integrations reduce errors
  • Security best practices are built-in to the accelerator

Built-In Best Practices

Features designed for the most demanding B2B use cases based on over

27 years of experience for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Product Distribution
  • Food Wholesale
  • Oil & Gas
  • CPG B2B2C

The Marketplace Connector for commercetools

  • Pre-built middleware piece for integrating multi-vendor commerce platforms
  • Saves up to 40% time from scratch
  • Handles all major integration points
  • Integrates with top multi-vendor marketplace and drop ship platforms
    (including Mirakl and Marketplacer)


This MACHcellerator is comprised of two parts, the business requirements and the technical design.

Business Requirements Phase

The business requirements are based on 16 specific Epics that cover 280 features. The acceleration process gathers our client’s requirements using the Epics as a guideline to specify the exact functionality of each feature. The Epics include:

Profile/ Account Management
Catalog Definition / Customer Specific Catalogs
Company Specific Pricing & Discounts
Global/ Header/ Footer
Home Page
Browse/ Search
Order Management
Base Integrations
Data Migration Framework
Content Management and Pages
Customer Service
Advanced Quoting & Negotiation
Purchase Order Handling
Account Management & Approvals

Technical Design Phase

The technical design of the new commerce stack depends on the client’s specific requirements and organizational technology and security preferences. The guiding principles of the MACHcelerator technical design are:

Scalability: Cloud architecture with systems that can scale out (add more instances) or scale up (enhance the capacity of existing instances) dynamically in response to demand.

Scalability: Cloud architecture with systems that can scale out (add more instances) or scale up (enhance the capacity of existing instances) dynamically in response to demand.

Elasticity: Automatically scale resources up or down as needed, helping to manage resource usage optimally and maintaining performance during demand fluctuations.

Fault Tolerance and High Availability: Redundant Cloud Architecture designed for fault tolerance and strategies like replication, clustering, and load balancing to ensure high availability and continuous operation even when individual components fail.

Statelessness: Stateless Microservices which ensures that any server can respond to any request at any time, which is key for scalability and recovery from failures.

Loose Coupling: Loosely Coupled Components that interact with each other through well-defined interfaces and protocols, not direct connections. This allows for easier scaling, maintenance, and updates of individual components without impacting the entire system.

Microservices Architecture: Smaller, independently deployable services. Each service runs a unique process and communicates through APIs, enhancing maintainability, scalability, and continuous deployment.

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): IAAS and CI/CD for efficient deployment of environments. Ability to setup new environments with the click of a button.

Security and Compliance: Robust authentication, encryption, and access controls ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Cost-Efficiency: Serverless computing for sporadic workloads, ECS Fargate and monitoring usage to adjust resources as needed.

Monitoring and Performance Management: Comprehensive monitoring to track the performance, health, and utilization of cloud resources.

Disaster Recovery and Backup: Backup strategies and procedures to ensure data integrity and availability in case of major incidents.

Modular Architecture: That allows for replacement of individual systems like commerce, content, search enabling a truly non-binding solution.

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