Designing solutions that stand up to nature’s extremes

A $4 billion organization with 30,000 employees & 1,000,000 volunteers. Provides disaster relief, support for military families, health and safety training and education, blood donations and international services including responding to emergencies, preparing for disasters, preventing disease and promoting humanitarian values.
Highlights of the solution include:
  • Site was launched prior to Superstorm Sandy, and managed 100 times normal traffic and donation transactions of >$100 million in approximately 1 week
  • Some site management federated to the 600 chapters
  • The advanced site management is handled by Digital Engagement Associates (DEAs) from headquarters
  • Rich Internet Application (e.g. course search)
  • Successful launch ATG v10.1 at Oracle OnDemand
  • Oracle OnDemand commented that this was the smoothest launch ever
Mobile commerce: Point of Sale (POS) Face to Face mobile application for field donations
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