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Case Study

How McFadyen Helped An Enterprise Business Services Company Add $100 Million GMV Implementing Adobe Commerce Cloud

Executive Summary

The marketplace experts at McFadyen Digita dl helped a leading business services company transform their B2B/ B2C commerce experience using Adobe Commerce Cloud platform.

The new revamped ecommerce portal provides an amazon like experience for both businesses and retail customers and enables them to transparently shop for services like copying, digital printing, professional finishing, signs, computer rental, corporate print solutions etc.

The key components of this transformation are creation of fresh & intuitive customer journeys, implementation of Adobe Commerce Cloud storefront that added new features across browse & navigation, search, security, and tracking while adding external integrations to enhance the ecommerce value stream. 

About the Client

An American retail chain that provides an outlet for its Ground (including Home Delivery) shipping, as well as copying, printing, marketing, office services and shipping. All FedEx Office stores are corporate owned unlike some of its competitors. 

Project Highlights

New Magento Based Store

Fix Previous Backlog

ADA Best Practices

New Features & Funcionalities

New Dashboards

The Solution

McFadyen Digital collaborated with multiple team tracks located around the world to successfully implement a state-of-the-art Adobe Commerce Cloud solution for the client

  • McFadyen built a completely new store based on Magento Storefront version 2.4.5. for the client. It conducted code reviews across the program and shared Magento coding best practices and guidelines.  
  • All the production defects from the previous backlog were also fixed as part of this implementation. 
  • McFadyen Digital collaborated with the clients UX team on implementation of ADA best practices. 
  • By delivering 40 Features and 209 Stories, McFadyen was able to achieve acceleration for feature delivery with refined architecture, solution design, high quality, and improved customer experience.  
  • Client Print-On-Demand (Canva Integration) solution was now built within the site to provide a more seamless user experience with zero friction. 
  • Magento was upgraded to latest version with enhanced new Relic platform monitoring for environment support and NFR improvements. 
  • A lot of new functionalities and features were added to enhance the site experience and performance in areas such as search, navigation, security and tracking as well as CMS functionalities.
  • Major work went into delivering dashboards and alerts monitoring the customer experience. 

The McFadyen Impact

  • As a result of the Adobe Commerce platform implementation client saw an uptick of 30% in month over month revenue in 2023. 
  • There was a 10% increase in site conversion rates once the new Adobe Commerce Cloud solution was deployed. 
  • Overall, the site offered a much better customer experience on account of enhancements across all areas like home page, product page, cart page, shipping estimate and third-party subcategories. 
  • The new site is now future ready to scale for deployment of third-party marketplace application with vastly improved performance. 
  • Elimination of JavaScript page errors has had huge positive effect on the Conversion Rates, Page Load Times, Security Vulnerabilities, and helped a lot with search engine optimization. 
Key Project Results

30% increase in month over month revenue in 2023

10% increase increase in site conversion rates

Improvement in customer experience through UX and QA procedures

Software Scalablity for third-party marketplace application

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