Marketplace Enablement

Build, Launch, and Scale Your Online Marketplace…

Digital commerce is evolving into a platform-based approach leveraging the marketplace model. We help our clients succeed throughout the entire development cycle through strategic market evaluation and building a business case, to the build phase and launch, then continuing the scalable maturation and iteration process.

McFadyen Digital’s Marketplace Enablement services provide Enterprises with a reliable partner who knows what it takes to successfully platform a business using the marketplace model. With extensive B2B and Retail marketplace experience, we help guide our clients to profitability and growth whether launching a new marketplace or seeking to optimize an existing property.

How we can accelerate your marketplace maturity:

Marketplace Strategy
From building a rock-solid business case, to finding the right market, to selecting the right technology, we can guide you to the right decisions.

Marketplace Implementation
Marketplace platforms have unique considerations from traditional ecommerce. Partner with us and benefit from our extensive platform-agnostic methodologies.

Marketplace Launch Services
A marketplace will only succeed if customers know why they should be shopping there. Our marketplace launch services ensure both customers and potential sellers know why they should be doing business on your marketplace.

Marketplace Innovation Services
Marketplaces are complex commerce ecosystems. Our innovation services help diagnose the levers that can be manipulated to foster a higher degree of profitability.

“More than 50% of ecommerce sales are made through online marketplaces. “
-WebRetailer Study, February 2020

Our Marketplace Platform Partners

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