Mirakl marketplaces offer an unprecedented ability to add a marketplace to any existing ecommerce site. Adding the ability to have 3rd party sellers offer products and services alongside your core offerings allows you to offer more options, learn more about what your customers want, and sell more with each transaction. The added product assortment also leads to higher rates of return sales and higher customer satisfaction scores.

Our Mirakl Marketplace Accelerator services include:


Mirakl Marketplace Implementation

Our Mirakl implementation experts get your new Mirakl marketplace set up quickly and efficiently. Our Mirakl Accelerator program is a proven framework for gathering the necessary information, building the marketplace in a way that fits your business needs, streamlines the creation of new categories and catalog items, and tests all functions and integrations to ensure reliable performance.

Marketplace Go-to-Market Program

Standing up the platform is only the beginning. Without sellers to offer items and customers to purchase from the sellers, it’s all for naught. Luckily, our go-to-market accelerator framework covers recruiting new sellers, getting them onboarded, and promoting the marketplace to your customers and new audiences.

Ongoing Marketplace Optimization and Tuning

Once your marketplace is up and running, take full advantage of the multitude of valuable customer information you are tracking. Our ongoing optimization and tuning services ensure that you are receiving actionable insights on product trends, customer behavior, additional revenue opportunities, and more.

Custom Integrations

One of the major benefits of Mirakl’s platform is the flexibility that their well documented set of APIs affords. Regardless of what platform or technology you wish to integrate with Mirakl, we can make it happen. Whether it’s adding custom functionality to your marketplace or building a custom integration for a specific, seller, we’ve got you covered.


McFadyen Digital is one of the world’s premier digital commerce service companies and has completed over 200 large scale commerce implementations worldwide. Our expertise with leading commerce frameworks coupled with dedicated eCommerce enthusiasts have resulted in the implementation of some of the biggest eCommerce projects ever. The McFadyen brand guarantee clients with

  • Smarter sales frameworks
  • The best e-business technology
  • Lasting support relations
  • Improved market competence

McFadyen Digital is a certified Mirakl partner. We work closely with technical and strategic resources at Mirakl to ensure that our team of implementation and go-to-market specialists always have the latest tools, tips, and tactics at the ready to get your marketplace up and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

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