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Mirakl Platform Pioneer Summit 2022

May 18-19, 2022 | Boston, MA

McFadyen Digital at Mirakl's Platform Pioneer Summit 2022

Celebrating the ultimate gathering of platform pioneers

McFadyen Digital is proud to be sponsoring and participating in the 2022 Platform Pioneer Summit. Mirakl is an amazing platform, company, and partner, and these events are always a yearly-highlight type of experience.

This year's event is focused on how to ``break through`` to that next innovation, that next stage of growth, that next step on your marketplace journey. At McFadyen Digital, we focus on this type of meaningful advancement with our clients every day. At this Summit, we're proud to be hosting a couple roundtable sessions (details below), look forward to learning from this year's presenters and our fellow participants, and networking in-person once again. We're also hosting a special Boston Harbor dinner cruise on Thursday May 19th, so please apply using the request form if interested in attending (details below).

If you're a marketplace operator or are considering embracing the model and haven't registered yet...why not? Hit the ``learn more`` button below to sign up. We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Boston Harbor Sunset Dinner Cruise @ Mirakl Summit

Join your hosts from McFadyen Digital for a scenic dinner cruise in Boston Harbor after the sun sets on an exciting day of Platform Pioneer Summit activity.

This three hour excursion from 7-10pm on Thursday, May 19th features a three-course a sit down dinner and drinks while you take in views of Boston from the harbor. Enjoy the dusk-lit views, the sunset, then the lights of the Boston skyline. Complete the brief form above to request your invitation.

Please note that space is limited and a request for invitation is not a guarantee. A representative will be in touch shortly after submitting the form.

Boston Harbor Odyssey Dinner Cruise

McFadyen-Sponsored Networking Sessions

Breaking Through The Traditional Way of Doing Business: Building Buy-in for Marketplace Within Your Retail Organization

Thu May 19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (1 Hour)

Change management starts the day you begin developing your marketplace strategy – and it doesn’t stop at launch. The most successful marketplace teams are dedicated to ensuring that the marketplace continues to meet the needs of everyone in the business. Hear from other retail leaders in this birds of a feather networking session and discuss the techniques that they’re using to build organization-wide buy-in for their marketplaces.

KPIs That Work For You: Using Marketplace Data to Inform Business Decisions

Thu May 19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (1 Hour)

Marketplaces are about more than just the bottom line: they unlock brand-new customer insights that can help your organization make more informed business decisions. In this birds of a feather networking session, connect with other manufacturing and distribution leaders about the KPIs that are driving their business, and the ways that they’re using marketplace data to inform decision making.

Meet the McFadyen Mirakl Summit Team

Tom McFadyen

Tom McFadyen, CEO & Author

Author, Analyst, CEO, and true renaissance man, Tom is at the show to network, attend sessions, and to speak with our clients, partners, and other commerce professionals about the marketplace model and the platform economy. Ask him for an autographed copy of Marketplace Best Practices and he'll be happy to oblige.

Lee Riesterer

Lee Riesterer, Chief Digital Officer

Commerce guru, marketplace strategy Jedi, and digital innovation champion, Lee has been helping Enterprises excel online since ecommerce became a thing. If you really want to rev up the conversation, bring up motorcycles or Atlanta sports over coffee or a cocktail. Lee is happy to be back to in-person meetings and looks forward to seeing you at the show.

Tom Gaydos Headshot

Thomas Gaydos, CMO & Marketing Practice Lead

A modern marketer, tech nerd, and long-time commerce pro, Tom is prone to geek-out over marketing tech or marketplace platforms. He's also a huge Philly sports fan, so don't take any booing personally.

Adam Thibodeaux

Adam Thibodeaux, SVP, Sales

Adam loves talking commerce and had gotten a bit punchy with a case of cabin fever (haven't we all) over the past two+ years. He's excited to be back at another in-person event and is looking forward to hearing about marketplace success and challenges. Hit him up for a coffee and a conversation.

Barrett Powell

Barrett Powell, Sales Director

Even though Barrett is an outdoor enthusiast, he's looking forward to some good old fashioned face-to-face networking. He's been in the marketplace game for a minute now with ChannelAdvisor and McFadyen Digital, and is at Shoptalk to meet with partners, customers, and ecommerce operators looking to launch a marketplace.

Jeremey Blanford

Jeremy Blanford, Sales Director

Jeremy is a new member of the McFadyen team and we're happy to have him. An experienced digital commerce guru, Jeremy is at Mirakl Summit to connect with digital commerce operators looking to take the next step in their evolution.

Laura Landau Headshot

Laura Laundau, Client Director

Laura is a Boston native who works with McFadyen's clients to ensure all of their marketplace needs are being met. She's happy to give tips on the best local restaurants and hot spots, or the best way to grow your marketplace. Yeah...she's got range like that.

Wesley Hodges

Wesley Hodges, Business Development Representative

Wesley helps new clients discover their place along the marketplace journey. With experience from ChannelAdvisor and as a former digital commerce merchant, Wesley knows a thing or two about the marketplace space.


Driving Actionable Insights with Marketplace Performance Management Ebook

Driving Actionable Insights with Marketplace Performance Management

One of the keys to successfully operating an online marketplace is to have a defined performance management program. This ebook focuses on seven key areas for your marketplace operations to measure and manage in order to drive actionable insights and scalable growth.


1) Core concepts of a successful marketplace business
2) What is Marketplace Performance Management and why it matters
3) Seven areas a marketplace operator should measure and manage


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