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Get trained as a Fullstack Developer for FREE!

Boost your career as a software developer by joining us at our Fullstack Bootcamp with experts of the IT industry

McFadyen Digital will invite the top-performing students to join its world-class software development team as trainees.

General Info & Requirements

Starting on 05/30

4-weeks long

Monday to Friday from 6pm to 10pm

Basic skills in software development

100% Remote - PC or Laptop with Internet Connection

Advanced English Skills

Applications no longer accepted.

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Candidates who fit the profile for the bootcamp will be selected and contacted prior to the start date.

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Get trained by experts for 4 weeks on a modern stack for web development.

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Top students have the opportunity to become part of McFadyen's global development team.

What technologies will I learn?

React JS

ReactJS is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, mostly known for its resources for building interfaces and single page applications. React is a must-know for any Front-End developer active in the market, and thus a core part of our bootcamp.


Node.JS is a Back-End technology which executes JavaScript code server-side. This technology is broadly utilized in modern websites and API services. Combined with React and other Front-End technologies, Node.JS makes it possible to develop strong and resilient web platforms.

About McFadyen

McFadyen Digital is the leading global agency for ecommerce marketplace strategy and implementation. Taking a collaborative approach to composable digital commerce technology, strategy, architecture, and integrations, we work with enterprises to ensure their customers are delighted by scalable and profitable shopping experiences.

We are proud to be recognized as a Great Place to Work, reflecting our commitment to providing a welcoming environment for our team to work, learn, grow, and succeed. Our international teams closely collaborate, fostering connections not only with those who work locally, but also those across the world.

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