Digital Commerce

Enabling Smarter e-Business

Today’s online shoppers do not just buy a product but evaluate the experience they have in making the journey from product search to checkout. We help online retailers to sell smarter with the right balance of technology consulting and business advisory.

Our commerce offerings include

System Integration

Implementing a responsive commerce system that integrates with core business systems and processes.

Cloud Commerce Solutions

Creating highly flexible Scale-as-you-go commerce experiences on the fly rather than from scratch with trusted technology such as Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Managed Commerce Services

Invest more time in business growth while trusting us with fully-fledged e-business implementation and maintenance support.

Automated Customer Engagement Solutions.

Boost your marketing and customer relations with state of the art automated platforms that are built around customer behavior analysis.


McFadyen Digital is one of the world’s premier digital commerce service companies and has completed over 200 large scale commerce implementations worldwide. Our expertise with leading commerce frameworks coupled with dedicated eCommerce enthusiasts have resulted in the implementation of some of the biggest eCommerce projects ever. The McFadyen brand guarantee clients with

  • Smarter sales frameworks
  • The best e-business technology
  • Lasting support relations
  • Improved market competence

McFadyen’s goal is to ensure that our clients are able to maximize the return on their technology and digital marketing investment by providing better service to their clients, partners and internal teams. McFadyen Digital can help you develop strategies and the technical support necessary to transform your business to the next level.

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